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Bahir by Manisha K Gumber Book Review



Bahir is based on Sawera, a Muslim girl born in conservative Pakistani family. She is regarded as a lucky child and moves to Saudi Arabia with her adopted family. Her life changes when the family gets their own child and Sawera is ignored and abused. In her troublesome teenage, she is expelled from school and later married off to her cousin in Pakistan. Shattering all her hopes and dreams of fairytales; she is used and abused by her violent husband and she ends up with 4 children. Somehow she moves back to Saudi in hope of a bright future for her kids but life has more jokes to play on her! You have to read the book to know more!

My Take:

Bahir is a brutally honest account of struggles and survival of Sawera. A girl who is disappointed by everyone in her life; faces turmoil and unfortunate events in every stage of life; still manages to fight and survives. The author doesn’t sugar coat anything and narrates the hardships faced by Sawera very bluntly.  The kind of misfortunes thrown at the protagonist are enough to break anyone’s spirit but she fights back and survives everytime. It’s an intense and cynical plot where we see how society, culture and so called family honor ruins her life. Even though the protagonist is a Muslim girl from Pakistan, this is a story of many more, not limited by their religion or country. I, myself, came across a fighter like her and was truly inspired. 

Characters are limited but well developed which makes it easy to focus and create an impact in reader’s mind. Narration is really brave and brings out the struggles faced by Sawera. You will feel like you know Sawera and everytime she is about to commit a mistake or make a wrong choice, you will feel like reaching out to her and warn. She is REAL. You will feel sad for her; you will get angry on her actions.

From first chapter itself, author manages to grab your attention and would keep it till the very end. It is a page turner which will keep you hooked. Ending might seem a little abrupt but epilogue will answer your questions.

Overall, an engaging read which gives out a strong message – Past doesn’t matter and can’t stop you from having a beautiful future. You can always start fresh. This is something I strongly believe in.   Highly recommended!

My Rating 4/5

Thanks to the author for review copy in exchange of my unbiased review.


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